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Vexed and Troubled Englishmen 1590-1642.
New York: Oxford University Press, 1968. First edition.
Cloth, (xxiv), 487pp. Fine in d/w.

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Matthew Arnold A Study in Conflict.
Toronto: Ryerson, (1948). First edition.
Fine in near fine price clipped d/w.

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BRYCE, L. Winifred.
India Land of Rivers.
(Toronto): Nelson, (1966). First edition.
Cloth, 222pp. Spine lettering flaked o/w a nice copy.

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The Days of Mars A Memoir, 1940-1946.
New York: Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, (1972). First edition.
Fine in d/w.
Memoir of wartime England.

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BURKE, Thomas.
Limehouse Nights. Tales of Chinatown.
London: Grant Richards, 1919 First Canadian edition with "Musson" at the foot of the spine. (verso of title reads "reprinted January 1919" but this is the first Canadian edition).
Rubbing o/w very good.

Was: $45     Sale Price: $22.50     Book Number: 7977         Order / Enquire

Between Arab and Israeli.
Toronto: Clarke Irwin, 1962. First edition.
Cloth, 336pp. Fine in a nice d/w.

Was: $50     Sale Price: $25.00     Book Number: 14710         Order / Enquire

Doubts and Dynamite The Middle East Today.
London: Allan Wingate, (1958). First edition.
Cloth, 159pp. Fine in a very good d/w.

Was: $45     Sale Price: $22.50     Book Number: 11868         Order / Enquire

BUTLER, Samuel.
The Poetical Works of Samuel Butler.
London: Bell and Daldy, nd. (185-?)
Sm. 8vo., cont. green half morocco, marble boards, raised bands, l, 278; vi, 302pp. A fine copy.

Was: $150     Sale Price: $75.00     Book Number: 12840         Order / Enquire

BUTLER, Samuel.
Hudibras.....With Notes by the Rev. Treadway Russel Nash.
London: Henry Washbourne, 1847. In two volumes. A New edition, illustrated.
8vo., orig. purple cloth, gilt decoration on upper cover, xxxviii, 259; 305pp. Bookplate, occasional foxing, spines uniformly faded to tan in fact a very nice copy.

Was: $250     Sale Price: $125.00     Book Number: 12917         Order / Enquire

CARMAN, Barry and John McPherson (editors).
Bimbash McPherson A Life In Egypt.
(London: British Broadcasting Corporation, (1983). First edition.
Cloth, 313pp. Fine in d/w.

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Shepherd of Udaipur.
London: Hodder & Stoughton, (1926). First edition.
Cloth, xi, 307pp. A fine copy.
The story of the Rev. James Shepherd, missionary in Rajasthan.

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CHAMBERLAIN, Samuel. (editor).
This Realm, This England.....The Citadel of a Valiant Race Portrayed by its Greatest Etchers.
New York: Hastings House, (1946). Reprint.
Tall 8vo., cloth, 179pp. Very good.

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India Mosaic.
Philadelphia: Lippincott, 1936. First U.S. edition.
Cloth, 316pp. Very good.
Travels in India divided into sections on Madras, Ceylon, Trichinopoly, Banaglore, Bareilly, Agra and Delhi, the North-West frontier and Kashmir.

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CHATTERJI, Tapanmohan.
The Road to Plassey.
Bombay: Orient Longmans, (1960). First edition.
157pp. Fine in a nice d/w.
An account of the Battle of Plassey.

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CHENEY, Michael Sheldon.
Big Oilman From Arabia.
London: Heinemann, (1958). First edition.
Cloth, 320pp. Near fine in a near fine d/w.
Life in Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf in the period between World War II and the formation of OPEC.

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CLARKE, R. Rainbird.
East Anglia. Ancient Peoples and Places.
London: Thames and Hudson, (1960). First edition.
Cloth, 240pp. Fine in d/w.

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CLUNN, Harold.
The Face of the Home Counties. Portrayed in a Series of Eighteen Week-End Drives from London....Photographs by J. Dixon-Scott.
London: Simpkin Marshall, (1936). First edition.
Tall 8vo., orig.cloth, 562pp. Spine a touch faded o/w fine.

Was: $50     Sale Price: $25.00     Book Number: 19179         Order / Enquire

COATES, Austin.
Invitation To An Eastern Feast.
London: Hutchinson, (1954). Second impression.
Cloth, (270)pp. A good copy only.
An account of the authors experiences in India, Burma and China.

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COOK, Olive.
Cambridgeshire Aspects of A County.
London and Glasgow: Blackie & Son Ltd., (1953). First edition.
Cloth. 112pp. Fine in tape repaired and creased d/w.

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CORBRIDGE, Sylvia Lovat.
It's An Old Lancashire Custom.
London: Dennis Dobson, (nd). (1952). First edition.
Cloth, 149pp. Fine in a near fine d/w.

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CRUM, Bartley C.
Behind the Silken Curtain. A Personal Account of Anglo-American Diplomacy in Palestine and the Middle East.
New York: Simon and Schuster, 1947. Second printing.
Cloth, 297pp. Very good.

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CURR, Tom.
Modern Athenians 1944. With Lines by Christian Curr and ...Willian Y. Darling.
Edinburgh: MacLagan and Cumming, 1944.
Sm.4to., cloth, 80pp. A collection of rhymes and political cartoons. A nice copy.

Was: $35     Sale Price: $17.50     Book Number: 19150         Order / Enquire

DAS, Durga.
India and the World.
New Delhi: The Hindustan Times, nd. (1958). First edition.
Cloth, 120pp. A good copy in d/w.

Was: $30     Sale Price: $15.00     Book Number: 11840         Order / Enquire

DAVID, Rosalie.
Discovering Ancient Egypt.
(London): Facts On File, (1994). First edition.
Sm.4to., cloth, 192pp. Fine in d/w.
Discussion of the history of Egypt and the dual story of the travellers and archaeologists whose discoveries have aided our understanding of ancient Egyptian civilizations.

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DAVIES, Godfrey.
The Early Stuarts 1603-1660.
Oxford: The Clarendon Press, (1952). Reprint.

Was: $45     Sale Price: $22.50     Book Number: 13659         Order / Enquire

DAVY, John.
An Account of the Interior of Ceylon and Of Its Inhabitants with Travels in That Land. With an introduction by Yasime Gooneratne.
Dehiwala: Tisara Publishers, (1969). A complete and unabridged reprint of the edition of 1821. "Ceylon Historical Journal Volume Sixteen."
Wrappers, xxiii, 399pp. Near fine in a lightly worn d/w.
Davy's work, first published in 1821, is a summary of researches and expeditions he undertook while serving as army surgeon and physician in attendance on Sir Robert and Lady Brownrigg during the troubled years between 1817 and 1819.

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DAY, J. Wentworth.
Norwich and the Broads.
London: B.T. Batsford, (1953). First edition.
Cloth, 160pp. Bookplate o/w fine in d/w.

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DAYAL, Thakur Harendra.
Ancient Culture of India.
Delhi: Sundeep Prkashan, 1981. First U.S. edition. With the sticker of the American distributer "Humanties Press" on the title.
Tall 8vo., cloth, 260, followed by pages of illustration. Fine in d/w.
Covers the period from the second century B.C. to the third century A.D.

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DE CHAIR, Somerset.
The Golden Carpet.
New York: Harcourt Brace, 1945. First U.S. edition.
Cloth, 252pp. Wear to spine ends o/w very good.
Authors travels from Baghdad to Palmyra, from Palmyra to Nathanya, and from Nathanya to Baghdad.

Was: $25     Sale Price: $12.50     Book Number: 8207         Order / Enquire

DE CHAIR, Somerset.
The Golden Carpet.
London: Faber and Faber, (1944). First collected. (preceded by two volume Cockerell Press edition)
Cloth, 224pp. Good only.

Was: $45     Sale Price: $22.50     Book Number: 8931         Order / Enquire

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