The TRUE and GENUIN ELEGY OF Matthew Gun Bookseller

NP: Aliquando Press, 2014. 1 of 125 copies.
Size is 15" x 10 1/2".

A reprinting of an early Eighteenth century broadside on the pitiful lot of the bookseller then. This is copied from the original held by the British Library. We have been unable to trace any other copy and we felt it was worthy of a Twenty-first century revival. Now that the book trade is perhaps more threatened than at any earlier time, Matthew Gun's lament resonates strongly. It has been printed by Will Rueter at his Aliquando Press in Garamond, the display fonts are ATF Baskerville and xiv Century Roman. It's is printed on Hahnemuble white mould made paper. Rueter is one of the foremost designers and private printers in Canada and we are very pleased he agreed to take on the project. This printing is indicative of the quality of Rueter's work and now that we have exhausted our list of friends we offer copies for sale.

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The Protocols of Used Bookstores. A Guide to Dealing with Certain Perils Which Could be Encountered in a Used Bookstore.
David Mason.
(Toronto): David Mason Books, (2011). Third edition with corrections.
8vo., printed wrappers, (18)pp. With illustrations.
Originally issued in an edition of 300 copies in September 2011. NOW in its THIRD PRINTING.

Price $10.00.
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Why Booksellers Die Broke.
The Collected Aphorisms of Earle M. Mason, Banker.
Edited by David Mason.

(Toronto): David Mason Books, (2014).
8vo., printed wrappers, (24)pp. With illustrations.

Price $10.00.
The usual terms to the trade.

Here are a few examples:
- All they seem to ever talk about is buying books. Why don't they try selling one once in a while? They should be called bookbuyers, not booksellers.

- It's not so much that these guys insist on ignoring all the rules of capitalism, it's that they do it so cheerfully. They seem to delight in failure.

- My son's favorite phrase is, "Any fool can sell a book; it takes a pro to buy one." How can a banker deal with idiots like that?

- Booksellers? Don't those guys only sell to each other?

- When a customer actually buys a book they always respond the same: "It was too cheap."

- They're always saying about yet another book "I'd better buy that. I'm sure someone will want it." What that means, I've learned, is that they like the book. They don't really care what their customers may like.

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THE RESCUER by Harold Troper.

Originally published in 1999 as The Ransomed of God and quickly sold out this new edition contains a new preface by the author. In the new preface the author recounts a talk he gave on the hero of the book Judy Feld Carr on its original publication after which a member of the audience asked him to explain which parts of the story were true and which his invention. The man, on being told every word was true, shook his head in disbelief and walked away. A reading of the book shows how easily one could come to this conclusion. The story is incredible. A Canadian housewife responsible for smuggling some 3000 Jews out of one of the most repressive regimes in the Middle East seems hardly credible but the documented evidence is all here.

Harold Troper is a Professor at Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, (University of Toronto) and the author of None is Too Many: Canada and the Jews of Europe and others.
Price $24.95

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